Rosignano Solvay is a small industrial town situated on theTuscany coast in Italy.
Its name comes from the older nearby city  Rosignano Marittimo and the chemical factory Solvay S.A. Rosignano Solvay was in fact built around the Factory itself to facilitate commuting for the employees. I alway visited this place in summer time, when going to see my grand parents, I loved the seaside, and my grandparents house. My grandad was a tailor around 1950, He loved his job but eventually, to be able to sustain his family he accepted a job at the then new factory, the Solvay S.A. I was always curious about this place, never I was so close to such gigantic structures that looked so alien to child eyes . I loved Rosignano, but slowly, with time, the more I would come back to this city the more a feeling of unease and disgust would grown on mThe big factory was hiding a secret to my child like gaze hidden by the silence, and ignorance of the citizen: The Belgian chemical factory manufactures soda bicarbonate and otherchemicals used in everyday life to produce such products the factory follows a unique method called the Solvay method,which requires a great deal of chemical waste including, mercury, ammonia, cloridrc acid, caustric acid, zinc etc.. the chemical wasted produced by the factory flows into a canal called (the white canal) directly into the sea. Soon after the factory was in function the impact of the tonesof chemicals reaching shore radically transformed the bay, today really famous for its peculiar characteristics: The bay called The white beaches, extends fro 500 meters on the coast, its sand is mostly composed by lime scale, plastic and chemicals that give the send a particularly bright white colour, reminding the postcard caraibic island. the water is of a cloudy cristal blue colour caused by the great ammount of ammonia in the water. the sea presents no sign of wild life and its extremely toxic for human beings. still today The white beaches are considered one of the most dangerous spots in the globe, however this does not stop the tourists and locals from crowding the shore every summer.